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Bhuj is a very attractive city located in Kutch district, Gujarat. The city is well known for its old and attractive hevalis. The city is very famous for its culture, people, and handicrafts. The city of Bhuj is well known as a textile center. There are many attractive places in Bhuj to visit. The peoples of Bhuj are affectionate and sympathetic. They are warm hearted, kindly and hospitable. The city of Bhuj Is easily approachably by road, by train, by air, by road. There are numerous road networks which connects the city of Bhuj to major cities.
Bhuj city is very hot in summer season, whereas in rainy season, June month is favorable to visitors to visit Bhuj, because the rainfall is heavy in June, and good time to visit various places in Bhuj. The temperature in winter is cold and probably the best time to visit. Gujarati is the native language of Bhuj; People also speak Hindi in Bhuj.

The city of Bhuj gives variations of luxury hotels in Bhuj accommodation that comprises relaxing and luxurious 5 Star hotels, which provide which provide great room facilities, beautiful 4 star Hotels which provide good facilities for accommodation in Bhuj. The city of Bhuj also gives variations of 2 Star, Budget hotels for a budget tour.

About Bhuj

Bhuj is well known for its culture, people. Bhuj city was named on Fortress called Bhujia Fortress. Bhuj History is very vigorous. The city of Bhuj also has faced two dangerous earthquake. To know more click the below link.
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Bhuj Travel

Travel in Bhuj would take to an era of Hevalis and Mahals. It shows the rich history of Bhuj. Bhuj Travel will give detail information about the places to visit in Bhuj, the unique temples of Bhuj, attractive gardens in Bhuj, Lakes of Bhuj, unique Mahals, places to visit near Bhuj.
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